Update v5.4.6 – Supports iOS 9 – 11

Whats New?


  • Dark Elixir base searching
  • New training method



  • Landscape left or right no longer matters
  • A lot has been rewritten much more stable
  • Boosting Clock Tower
  • Troop Donations fixed on iPhone X
  • iPad Pro is now working
  • Gold/Elixer base searching
  • Live stats
  • Faster deployment
  • Sound when base is found (with option)
  • Auto-Lock switch
  • logs Gold/Elixir of base attacked

We are always open to feedback and new feature ideas and requests.

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Bug Fixes!
The Pro version offers more features. Gold/Elixir base searching request troops, donations, collect resources, and much more!
Add the official Repo

AutoClashBotiOS Pro $2.99/month

When purchasing enter your Activation ID


The Activation ID is generated from the bot menu. This is used to ensure that your Pro features are registered to your Device.


How to get your Activation ID? Your Activation ID can be found in the bot options menu under title Purchase Pro Version. You will be able to copy the ID to your clipboard and be directed to AutoClashBotiOS.com. Then you can paste the ID into the empty text field before purchasing.

Enter ID
Gold Base Search (PRO)

Set the gold requirements from the menu

Dark Elixir Base Search (PRO)

Set the Dark Elixir requirements from the menu

Elixir Base Search (PRO)

Set the Elixir requirements from the menu

Train troops

Bot will use previously saved slot1 to train troops

full camps

Bot will wait for full camps

Auto search dead bases

The bot will search for bases that are not in a league

24/7 gaining loot

Will happily run 24/7 gaining gold and elixir

no bans

The bot does not interfere with game files or memory

2 Sided attack

Deploys troops on 2 sides

Donate (pro)

Donate troops to fellow clan members

Request (pro)

Request troops from clan members

Boost Barracks (pro)

Allowing for maximum loot gain

Collect Resources (pro)

Collect Resources after every battle

4 sided attack (pro)

Can choose to use 2 or 4 sided attack

First troop deploy (pro)

Select your first troop to deploy during an attack

Ignore Heroes (pro)

Does not deploy heroes during a battle

Ignore CC troops (pro)

Does not deploy Clan Castle troop during a battle

Custom Hero ability delay (pro)

Select how long after heroes are deployed before releasing their ability

Deploy Speed (pro)

3 Speed Options

Builders Base - Collect Resources (pro)

Collect Resources

Builders Base - Boost Clock Tower (pro)

Bot will free boost Clock Tower

Installation Guide

(Free & Pro)

The Bot requires a jailbreak for help with jailbreaking your device head over to r/jailbreak


Step. 1

  • Add repo source to Cydia: autoclashbotios.yourepo.com
  • Install “AutoClashBotiOS”, AutoTouch and Curl will be install automatically if you are using the official repo.

Step. 2

  • Before you start it is recommended to disable notifications and auto-lock on your device.
  • Open Clash of Clans and go to your main base.
  • Hold down your volume down button on the device.
  • Select AutoClashBotiOS.
  • Enter password: autoclashbotios.
  • Press confirm.



Step. 3

  • You will be prompted with a dialog.
  • Put times to 0 and leave the rest as default.
  • Press Play.

Step. 4

  • Now you should be prompted with the bots menu.
  • Here you can configure the bot to your needs.
  • Refer to feature list above for a description.


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